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INFO: / ns info #channel
. It shows who the founder of the channel is and the date it was installed.
. Note: For new services, only nicknames registered by NickServ can be added to the channel uop / vop / aop / sop lists.

UOP: / cs uop #channel add nick
. Uops see no change in channel modes (@ or +). UOps can read memos thrown into the channel but cannot send memos. Up to 250 people can be added to the Channel Uop list.
. Ex: / cs uop #www add fiend

VOP: / cs vop #channel add nick
. Next to the nicknames of vops are +. They can send and receive memos to the channel and invite themselves to the channel. Up to 250 people can be added to the Channel Vop list.
. Available commands are / cs vop #channel add / del / wipe and list
. Ex: / cs vop #www add Amir

AOP: / cs aop #channel add nick
. Aops can only be added by sticks and founder.
. Available commands are / cs vop #channel add / del / wipe and list
. Ex: / cs aop #www add Ninja20

SOP: / cs sop #channel add nick
. Sops can only be added by the founder, Sops can add / remove users to the channel Aop / Vop / Uop list, add / del / wipe, and execute mkick on the channel.
. Up to 250 people can be added to the Channel Sop list.
. Ex: / cs sop #www add aBaRt

REGISTER: / cs register #channel identification
. This command is used to register a channel.
. The introduction will tell you what the channel is relevant to. General chat, adult, hobbies like…

IDENTIFY: / cs identify #channel password
. This command is used to show that you own the channel by entering the password of the channel.

DROP: / cs drop #channel
. Decreases the recording of the channel.
. The installer must enter the channel password before use.

OP: / cs op #channel nick (s).
. The command gives the nick (s) op on the specified channel.
. Only Aop and more authorized users can use it. If the channel's op secured ops ”option is on and the specified users are not in the channel's aop / sop list, the command will not run.

DEOP: / cs deop #channel nick
. The command is used to undo the operator. Only aop and more authorities can use it.

VOICE: / cs voice #channel nick
. The command is used to give voice to a user.

DEVOICE: / cs devoice #channel nick
. The command is used to receive a voice from a user.

INVITE: / cs invite #channel Nick
. The command should be used if the channel mode is + i.
. Other users cannot be invited using ChanServ.

MDEOP: / cs mdeop #channel
. The command takes the operators of all ops in the specified channel.
. The command does not undo the operator of the channel constructor.

UNBAN: / cs unban #channel nick / * deletes all bans here
. Commnad solves the bans on the given channel.
. The ME option is only available to aop / sop / founder and resolves bans that match your address.
. Only the Sop and founder can use ALL and resolve all bans.

COUNT: / cs count #channel
. The command
shows the number of the channel's uop / vop / aop / sop / akick lists .
. It can only be used by channel Uops and more authorized persons.

WHY: / cs why #channel nick
. Shows why and what authority a user has on the channel. Vop and more are used by the authorities.

ACC: / cs acc #channel nick
. Indicates what authority a user has on the channel.

ACCESS: / cs access #channel nick
. This command is the same as the ACC command.


AUTOVOP : / cs set #channel autovop on / off,
. This command has been replaced by / cs vop #channel add * @ *.
. The command gives + v to anyone entering / not in the VOp list. When the command is activated, a message appears: -ChanServ- Automatic voice on join enabled for #Live

IDENT: / cs set #channel ident on / off.
. When the command is active, channel ops must enter their nick password to be op.

OPGUARD: / cs set #channel opguard on / off.
. Enables only Aop and Sop to be op in the channel.

TOPICLOCK: / cs set #channel topiclock on / off founder / sop / aop.
. The command on which authority of the channel constructor's topic is
. allows users to choose to change.

KEEPTOPIC: / cs set #channel keeptopic on / off.
. When the command is active; When no one is in the channel, cs saves the topic and re-enters the old topic when someone enters the channel again.

RESTRICT: / cs set #channel restrict on / off.
. Ensures that no one can enter the channel except Uop or more authorized persons.

FOUNDER: / cs set #channel founder.
. Allows you to change the founder of the channel. The command is only used by the new installer but must first enter the password of the channel.

MEMOLEVEL: / cs set #channel memolevel vop / aop / sop / NONE If the
.NONE option is entered, only the channel installer can send memo.

URL: / cs set #channel url WebAddress
. None: / cs set #channel url NONE. (To delete the web address)
. Allows the installer to add a web address to the channel info.

DESC: / cs set #channel DESC description.
. Allows you to change the channel identification.

EMAIL: / cs set email #channel email.
. Allows the installer to add an email address to the channel info.

PASSWD: / cs set #channel passwd new password.

MLOCK: / cs set #channel mlock + | - <modes>
. Allows the installer to lock (lock) channel modes. If
nothing is written, this turns off MLOCK.Two and two modes can only
be used manually (if entered with a value. Ex: / mode
#channel + k Key or / mode #channel + l 3)
- / cs set #www mlock + tn
- / cs set #spiderslair mlock -kl
- / cs set #webchat mlock + tn-klpi

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