REGISTER: / ns register password email

. This command is used to register nicknames with NickServ
. Note: Always use a good password and enter your REAL email address in the email section. If forgotten, the only way to get the password back is email.

IDENTIFY: / ns identify password 
. Used to enter Nick's password.

SIDENTIFY: / ns sidentify password 

Used to enter Nick's password.

RECOVER: / ns recover nickname password.
. This command is used to disconnect the person who uses the nick when someone else uses it.

GHOST: / ns ghost nickname password.
. This command is used when our nickname hangs when we fall off the line.

RELEASE: / ns release nickname password.
. This command is used when the nick is held by the for enforcer..

DROP: / ns drop nickname.
. Makes Nick's record fall.
. You must enter the password before using the command.
. Note: If you drop your nick, your channel will also drop.

INFO: / ns info nickname.
. This command provides information about a nick registered with nickserv. The record date shows the last time it entered IRC, the user's address, and the information entered with the field command.

ACC: / ns acc nickname.
. With this command, we learn whether or not a user's password is entered.
. Possibles displays:
. user is not online, nick is not registered
. -acc 0 (no authority)
. -acc 1 (The address matches the access list)
. -acc 2 (Entered Nick's password)

WATCH: / ns watch add / del / list <nick | channel>.
. This kout allows you to organize your watch list.
. The watch list is like the notify list.
. Ex: / ns watch add KeKanda

BUDDY: / ns buddy add / del / list <nick | channel>.
. This command allows you to edit your buddy list.
. The Buddy list is the same as the watch list and is similar to the notify list.
. Ex: / ns buddy add Ninja20

LISTCHANS: / ns listchans nickname.
. It allows you to list the channels that you have access to.
. Note: You can only apply this command for your own nickname.

AUTH: / ns AUTH <command> [<nick | id>].
. The AUTH command is a confirmation when adding someone to your watch / buddy list.
. LIST - Lists requests.
. VIEW - Displays the request message.
. READ - Displays the request message.
. APPROVE - Confirms the request.
. ACCEPT - Confirms the request.
. DECLINE - Reject the request.
. REJECT - Reject the request.

AUTHORIZE: / ns set authorize buddy <on | off>.
. This command forces you to get your approval when someone adds you to the watch / buddy list.
. When this command is turned off, anyone can add you to the watch / buddy list.
. When this command is turned on, only those who have your consent can add you to the watch / buddy list.
.It means On if you do not add On or Off.
. Ex: / msg NickServ SET AUTHORIZE, / msg NickServ SET AUTHORIZE BUDDY on

PASSWD: / ns set passwd new
. It is used to change the channel password.

URL: / ns set url

. Nick serves to add a web address to your email.

NOMEMO: / ns set nomemo on / off.
. Memo allows you not to.

NOOP: / ns set noop on / off.
. Requires confirmation when someone wants to add you to the channel uop / vop / aop / sop list.

EMAIL: / ns set email newemail.
. Nick will change the email address in his information.

SHOWEMAIL: / ns set showemail on / off.
. Nickname allows everyone to see the email address

PROTECT: / ns set protect on / off.
. This command serves to protect nicknames. If no nick is entered within 60 seconds, the nick of the person attempting to use the nick will be converted to guestXXXXX.

SECURE: / ns set secure on / off.
.When this command is on, the Nickserv access list is ignored.